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Helping business owners and entrepreneurs double their income each year by shifting mindset and taking inspired actions.


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Not Good Enough? Worry About Money? Lack Belief?

Reaching your dreams faster and doubling your income in a year is my unwavering promise to you! Taking you from where you are to the results you want is at the heart of everything I do! Through my innovative, proven, 5 step Amazing Me Formula you will go beyond where you thought you could go and become the person you always knew you could be. Developing a “can do attitude”. Clearing away money hang ups. Being in total control of your life. Get ready for everyday to become an adventure where each day is another day of excitement!

Alicia - Willoughby Construction

I would highly recommend Patty as a business coach! She has an amazing ability to listen to the needs of the business and help develop a strategic approach towards achieving set goals and business success! I can honestly say my business would not be as successful if it weren't for Patty's keen ability to help us make good decisions and stay focused on our goals

Christopher - CSG Photography

Patty is one of the most kindhearted people you will ever meet! I recently attended one of her courses and the ideas she lays out in such an ergonomic and comfortable way, truly helped me to grow and change the way I think about the direction of my business.

Beth - Greencastle Golf Course

The information Patty presents and the challenges she provides spur a mindset shift. These challenges drill down to the root of most of our issues -- our thoughts. Patty challenges us to dispose of those thoughts that are pulling us down and, instead, to focus our thoughts on moving forward with a positive attitude.

Change Your Life

"Every experience you had has led you to where you are today.  It is up to you to take those experiences and decide how incredible your life will be.  And that is what YOUR DREAM POWER  is all about, where we want you to Be the Magic in Your Dreams!"

Patricia Stepler

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