Develop Your Magic with this Brand New Program

7 Week Group Coaching Program

Live Group Coaching and Q&A (recorded incase you miss the call)

Weekly lessons

Exercises that are thought provoking and changing

One  - Individual Coaching Call

Invitation to Live Event

Access to email and messaging when

Amazing Me Facebook Group

A Phenomenal way to Find

Your Dream Power

Session One:

Discover Your Limiting Beliefs

  •  Where your limiting beliefs come from
  • Abundance in nature
  • Generational limitations Friend / relative limitations
  • And so much more...... 

Session Two:

Magic of Mind Awareness

  •  Explain  how paradigms work.
  • Visualization and the impact it has on your life and goals
  • Doing things in a certain way - steps
  • And More...... 

Session Three:

 Who Am I Really?

  •  DiSC assessment
  • Change the image and Change the behavior
  • Create a winner's self image
  • And more.....

Session Four:

Amazing Money Paradigms

  •  Discovery of what has caused your money paradigms
  • Becoming comfortable with money
  • Ways to increase your thinking about money
  • And More......

Session Five:

Magic Action

  •  The action idea
  • Developing order to the mind
  • Making a decision
  • Understanding that you are not alone
  • Progressive action to move you forward
  • And So Much More......

Session Six:

Magic in Leadership

  •  You are responsible for your behaviors
  • There is growth in the ability to think not just surface thoughts.
  • Dealing with other people and generationsWhen you let go of resistance
  • And More....

 Session Seven:

Magic of Belief, Faith and Gratitude and Celebration

  • Learning to do things in a certain way
  • Mining for belief
  • Understanding what Faith really is
  • Celebrate how far you have come
  • And More.....



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