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The First Fourth of July

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2020

Years ago, when my son was early elementary aged, as we traveled in our conversion van, we watched his two favorite shows over and over, 1776 and Field of Dreams.  They both had elements of history in them.


If you have never seen the musical 1776, I urge you to watch it.  It tells the story of the struggle of getting the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence to agree.  The decision was that every colony had to agree to sign, or it was not happening.  There were many people that wanted to remain subjects of the King of England.


The original document that Thomas Jefferson wrote was taken apart bit by bit as disagreements ensued. These men knew that while the southern states felt they needed slavery at some point in time the issue would come back as it did eighty plus years later.


The bravery of these 56 signers amazes me.  Nobody would have given them much hope of securing freedom for a new...

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Uncategorized Sep 25, 2019
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The Journey of Self-Image

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2019

I’ve been on this journey for the past few years.  It all started when I was teaching school and did a unit with the entire school on personal development which included believing in yourself, and being the best that you could be, the power of the mind and visualization.  Anyway, I saw how it was impacting children and decided to take my message further.


I spent the next year and a half doing corporate training both in public seminars and in businesses. What was interesting to me was that business owners, manager, supervisors had the same issues with employees that teachers did with children which just solidified my thinking and training with my friend and mentor Bob Proctor that we do very little to change our behaviors from birth to death.  It also showed me that those people who do make an effort often rise to the top.


As I’ve continued to do my study what has become glaring to me is that the reason people do not change much is due to...

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