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The Journey of Self-Image

Uncategorized Mar 05, 2019

I’ve been on this journey for the past few years.  It all started when I was teaching school and did a unit with the entire school on personal development which included believing in yourself, and being the best that you could be, the power of the mind and visualization.  Anyway, I saw how it was impacting children and decided to take my message further.


I spent the next year and a half doing corporate training both in public seminars and in businesses. What was interesting to me was that business owners, manager, supervisors had the same issues with employees that teachers did with children which just solidified my thinking and training with my friend and mentor Bob Proctor that we do very little to change our behaviors from birth to death.  It also showed me that those people who do make an effort often rise to the top.


As I’ve continued to do my study what has become glaring to me is that the reason people do not change much is due to their lack of confidence and self-image.  We cannot outperform the image that we hold of ourselves and as long as we hold that image that is as far as we are ever going to go.


The best way to improve ourselves is to learn how to change the image, in our mind, that we hold of ourselves.


That inner image can be different than the outer image you project.  Let me explain.  Early on in my career I was tapped for leadership positions.  At the time I could not figure out why.  In my mind I was one of the youngest on the staff, didn’t have the years of service in the department, and on and on.  What I didn’t realize was that in my head I did not see myself as a leader, but apparently my actions and the things I did was getting the attention of leadership skills to my bosses.


It took me years to figure this out.  All along my inner thought was that I was not the best choice and therefore I probably was not nearly as effective then as I am now in leadership roles.  Now, I see myself as having the ability to lead, but then I did not.


I had to change my level of confidence and my own inner thinking first, I had to change the image of myself.  Learning how to change your image is one of the most important breakthroughs you can have in your life. 


I am getting ready to start a new group of learners and help people move forward with their wants and desires by first changing the self-image so that you can acquire the what you really want in life.   If you are interested message me and I’d love to talk with you.

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