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Children brought up in an atmosphere of encouragement lead more confident lives.


Your Dream Power Program

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The Your Dream Power Program for Schools

The Your Dream Power Program for schools is geared to teachers working with children to build the self-confidence and success skills that will enable a child to move through life with a “tool belt” that keeps them reaching one goal after another. 

All programs that provide coaching/training are geared towards people of various ages and all walks of life. No matter who explores our programs – a child in the early stages of development, an employee looking to distinguish themselves among their peers, or an executive looking to improve their leadership skills and take their company above and beyond – they will find real results waiting for them without months and years of dedication or massive, costly changes to their every day!

Your Dream Power Children’s Program

Statistics say that “on average children hear 77% negative to 23% positive on a good day” and “as many as 50% of adolescents are ‘at risk’ in school due to low self-esteem.” Why not change the odds for your child? Why not help your child develop confidence, positive thinking, and an understanding of the power of their mind to lead a successful and productive life?

With the Your Dream Power Programs, you can!

Our program can help your child to:

  • Develop their self-confidence
  • Develop awareness of the power of their mind to achieve more
  • Learn to respond to situations instead of reacting
  • Build better relationships with peers, siblings, parents, and other adults
  • Become internally motivated
  • Develop more responsibility
  • Develop the Six Intellectual Faculties of the Mind and deep thinking skills
  • Develop leadership skills
  • And so much more…

Your Dream Power Program include:

  • Books
  • Home Study Program
  • Songs
  • Information/Training For Parents
  • And more…

Children’s coaching program complete with video learning, music, and program guidebook. Coaching package may be added as well as parent support coaching.

For more information and/or to talk to a representative about this program and other programs that are available from Your Dream Power, please complete our client contact form or call us at 717-372-2636.

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Children are our future and we need to make sure that they have the self-image to withstand the pressures in the world today.


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